Aloha Friday: Holiday Marketing

Oh dear! It's Friday again and I know that is good news to most but for me it means old Saint Nick will be banging down my door before I get all of my shopping done.

Today's Aloha Friday is all about the holidays. If you read my Did I Miss Christmas? entry, you know how I feel about all of the holiday marketing. Now I ask you:

How do you feel about early holiday marketing?

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4 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

kel said...

It kind of irks me. I love Christmas and want it to get here as quick as possible, but I don't want to be burned out before December even gets here!

TheAngelForever said...

I thought it was bad enough when the stores started playing their music and decorating after Thanksgiving. Although it is pretty and I like looking at it all it is overkill at the stores that begin even before Halloween is over.

sues2u2 said...

It really annoys me. I love Thanksgiving & the whole idea of it but it's getting lost in the commercialism of Christmas. Very frustrating!

Wrighty - said...

During and after college I worked in retail for a few years and I realize that the stores have to start selling early because plenty of people buy the stuff early. It seems like it's gotten so ridiculous though. The Hallmark ornaments come out in the summer. A radio station that I like use to play only Christmas music for December, then it started right after Thanksgiving, now a few years later it's for November and December. Two months of just Christmas music! Ugh!! It's that way with everything though. Last year I went to a store in July to buy a toy for my nephew and they said they were out of them and wouldn't get anymore because it was a summer toy. Huh? It was July. I love Christmas but I can get burnt out before it's even here.

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