Bend My Ear

Look what I have for you today. Carrot cake with a hint of pineapple:

You are always so sweet to come listen to me just jibber jabber. Today it's all about you.

What's on your mind?

Are you worried about the economy, an upcoming doctor's appointment or even what you're going to wear tomorrow? I want to know what you're thinking.

Have a slice of cake. I'll pour the tea or hot cocoa, if you prefer, and take your time. I've got nowhere to be but here.

Don't worry about coming up with something witty. Just speak your mind.

The Old Lady Next Door wants to hear a voice other than her own today.

2 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

Wrighty - said...

Carrot Cake is my absolute favorite! I just peeked in for a minute but I'll be back when I can chat more. I certainly have a lot on my mind. Christmas is coming, we're pinching our pennies and we have two kids in college and one in high school. They were all sweet enough to say they didn't need anything for Christmas. *sigh* They're good kids. Save me some cake please!

The Old Lady Next Door said...

I sure will. My door is always open and there's always something good in the oven. Please come back when you can stay longer. You sound like you have your hands full but what sweet children you have to say they don't need anything for Christmas.

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