First Christmas Book Giveaway Winner

My stars! Over 75 of you wanted to win this one book I'm giving away. I do wish I could send you all a copy.

I put all of your names into a hat and drew one out. One of my neighbors told me there's an easier way to do this on the internet.

The Old Lady Next Door is old fashioned so I politely ignored the advice. I enjoyed writing each name down on a piece of paper. You took the time to stop for tea so I enjoyed the connection of pencil to paper to get to know you by name.

Without further adieu, I present the winner of the "One Perfect Gift" giveaway:

Janna from the Cornhusker Academy blog

I wanted to write a little something about our winner so I visited her blog. On my trip, I noticed Janna is a Christian homeschooling mom of 6. She also has a bookshelf with A Mile in My Flip-Flops by Melody Carlson on it. That is the same author who wrote the other Christmas book I'm giving away tomorrow. I just love ironic moments.

Janna, I hope you enjoy your book and do tell me if you like it so I can pass that along to the sweet people who came by here trying to win the book. It would just tickle me if you like the book enough to take your picture with it so the Old Lady Next Door can show our good neighbors you holding your prize.

Thank you all so kindly for entering. You still have time to win the second Christmas book so don't forget to enter before Sunday night.

Be sure to visit the Book Giveaway Carnival. It's so nice to see so many wonderful books going to new homes.

Before you go, I saved you a slice of Mississippi Mud Pie. You're always welcome to more.

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