The Love and Annoyance of Family Members

Today my sister came to town and, let me tell you, we are not the best of friends. Oh, I like her fine but we're worlds apart in both looks and personality.

She's also much older than I am. We were never giggling girls sharing secrets or fixing each other's hair. We're close enough to want to see each other and spend time with each other but we have a mile-long list of differences if you put us side by side to compare us.

Well, today she came over to help me fix some baked goodies for church. I wanted to surprise her with a nice gift bag of some of the cookies we baked so before she left I told her I had something for her and to wait in the kitchen.

I was so excited putting ribbon around clear sacks with cookies and a couple of little other gifts for her to enjoy. She's nosey, God bless her, and just had to walk into my craft room to ask me if I needed help but in that annoying sister tone that tattled to say she just wanted to know what I was doing. The look on her face when she saw my beautiful gift bag I bought was nice but I wanted to surprise her and she ruined it.

I told her to go away in my own sister tone. She did but it was just five minutes later that she came back again to tell me she wasn't looking but she wanted to come in and see what I was putting in the bag.

Dear neighbors, what is it about family members that can rub us so wrong?

3 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

Wrighty - said...

I hope you have lots of cookies because I could stay awhile on this topic! I have some family members that are amazing and I absolutely cherish them but I have some that cause more harm than good. We've never shut the door completely on those relationships, one in particular, but it's barely open. After trying very hard for a long, long time and still having them cause us deliberate harm, even trying to interfere in our marriage, we finally decided we weren't going to take it anymore. In effect, we divorced ourselves from them. No more holiday get togethers or anything else although we are polite when we cross paths. Blood may be thicker than water but we wouldn't put up with that from anyone else so why do we have to put up with it from family? We have quietly moved on and although it was extreme it was definitely the right decision for us. It is much more peaceful around here, well, until they cause another problem but we do our best to ignore it. We had to protect ourselves and our children from a toxic relationship. Maybe some day it will be better but I doubt it. This may sound horrible but it works for us when nothing else did.

As for the rest of the family, we all do the best we can. You did the best you could for your sister. That was a very kind and considerate gift you made for her. You can't help her actions and reactions. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It sounds like you did things right. It really is the thought that counts. You tried hard knowing that you have many differences. Although the gift giving didn't go as well as you planned did you enjoy making cookies together? Maybe it's something that you can do again. You both made the effort so that counts for something. Some people we just aren't meant to spend much time with. Those are the visits that should be short and sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I've eaten all of your cookies! I knew I would and it's time to go. I hope I wasn't intruding. It was nice to chat again. I hope things go well in the future. I'll bring the cookies next time!

Kaye said...

Wrighty - just think of all the cyber friends here in book blog land especially the nice ones who brew tea and make cookies. when you bring the cookies, make it those mint milanos, please. The tea was refreshing, thanks again and see you later.

The Old Lady Next Door said...

Wrighty, you know what's best for your family so protecting them is your number one priority. My dear mother was all about blood being thicker than water until one day her sisters treated her so terribly, she was forced to part ways with them. She did the forgive and forget with them for so long that it was just time for them all to move on.

Don't you ever worry about me running out of cookies. I always have plenty of ingredients to fix more for all of you. It's my pleasure and I do hope you'll come back for another visit soon.

Kaye, you are a dear for your kind words to Wrighty. I hope you will come back soon for more tea and cookies.

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