Stop Campaigning and Start Cleaning

The Old Lady Next Door doesn't like clutter. My mother used to keep everything. By the time she was my age she couldn't even use her two car garage because it was filled with boxes.

Her house was a shrine to memories of yesteryear. She just couldn't bear to part with the mementos she had accumulated over time.

That is why I am the opposite. I like my house neat and clean. If I haven't used something in a year, I throw it out or donate it to charity.

Oh, I do enjoy my souvenirs of times gone by but I don't hold on to everything. I like order.

I want my city streets to be clean too. What an ugly sight my fellow residents and I have to face everyday when we leave our homes.

Here we are two weeks exactly since the election and there are still political signs plastered all over town. Our city has ordinances that say candidates should pick up their political signs after the election is over but wouldn't you know it, that's just not happening.

Is the winner keeping his or her signs in place to gloat? Is the loser keeping his/her signs in place out of denial?

It's enough to frustrate an old lady who's proud of her Southern town. I ask you, dear neighbor, are you still seeing political signs in your neck of the woods?

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