A Word About Our Country

I'm so glad to see you today. Have a seat on this Election Day eve.

I make it a rule not to talk politics. I've squabbled with many dear friends while chatting it up about one candidate over another.

If everyone agreed on everything we would certainly be a very boring society. Don't you agree?

What I really want to talk about today is not Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain. I want to talk about our country.

She's going to be fine, you know. No matter which man becomes our 44th president, the good ole USA will survive.

I have lived through many devastating events in my life. There are some I experienced that you probably learned about in textbooks.

We can all remember a recent tragedy that attempted to destroy our country. Those terrorists that tried to take down our country with our very own airplanes thought they could shake our faith and our economy.

We came together in that terrible time and I am certain that we will come together to support our next president. It's the American way.

I'll share a little confession with you since you've sat there so nicely and let me chatter away. I have never voted for one particular political party. I've always voted for the person, their policies and their plans.

I grew up in a house with a father who was a dedicated Republican and a mother who secretly voted Democratic. Even though they had their own beliefs, they always encouraged us kids to vote the way we wanted to vote.

I'm so inspired by all of the passionate campaigning I've seen from people just like you and me. Young and old are out there spreading the message to vote and let your voice be heard.

I do hope you go to the polls. Voting is such an important right we must exercise.

You certainly can't complain about your tea not having any sugar if you don't ask for it, can you?

4 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

Rona's Home Page said...

Voting is such a privledge that many of us take for granted. I recommend people spend a year or two overseas. Upon return you'll want to kiss the ground like I did.

The Old Lady Next Door said...

The Old Lady Next Door couldn't agree more. I once visited Canada and, even though I could still see the U.S. border, I was homesick for my country. We had to pack up and stay on the U.S. side just because I couldn't bear to sleep on the other side of the border.

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

If I didn't vote, the guilt would eat me alive. I'm glad there was a record turnout this year. Voting is an honor and it's something every one of us should take very seriously.

Wrighty - said...

What an inspiring, reassuring post. It's very nice to read right now. I'm 44 years old and I grew up taking our country for granted. I loved her dearly but in my lifetime I wasn't exposed to any real national hardships until recent years. Now I've seen our country attacked, wars, financial crisis and several politicians fall from grace among other things. I KNOW we will recover and we will do it well. And I will never take our amazing country for granted again. Although it is wonderful to have the opportunity to do so. This is the most amazing place to live and we are blessed to do so. Now I want to make sure it stays that way for my children. Thank you for the tea and visit.

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