The Unfinished Baby Books

Hello friends. The Old Lady Next Door is taking a break from sweets today but I have a nice platter of cheese and crackers for you to enjoy for our conversation. My children always love cheese and crackers so it's fitting for our visit.

You see, when my children were small enough to be held in one arm, I bought each one of them a baby memory book. I started off with the best intentions. I filled out all the information about their birth date, their first days at home and even documented the day they got their first tooth.

As little feet got bigger and started to run through the house, the baby books got put up on a bookshelf to keep them safe from curious hands. They were pushed out of the way and out of my mommy mind.

All these years later, I look at the empty pages of the baby books and wish I had written down every moment I had with them. I would love to give these books to my grandchildren so now the mission is to go back and try to stir up these old, wonderful memories so I can complete the books.

My children are encouraging me and are excited to see what I can remember. It has been a while and the Old Lady Next Door is not as sharp as she used to be. Oh, but I am remembering some wonderful times about each one of them and this is shaping up to be a lovely little project, even if it is overdue.

For those of you with children, how are you doing with keeping your baby books?

5 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

Wrighty - said...

What a nice project! I have three children who are now teens and I had fun with their baby books. I still keep a journal for them that I started before they were born but the entries can be sporadic. I did things the same way that everyone else seems to do them though, you do more of that kind of stuff for the first one because it's all new and they are the only one! As soon as more kids come along you have less time but it doesn't mean it never happens. It also doesn't mean the fun times and the special memories stop. Enjoy your project and record what you do remember and maybe there are family members who can help with some of the things you can't remember as well. And keep making new memories to enjoy.

The Old Lady Next Door said...

Wrighty, you sound like you are on top of your baby book entries and I am downright envious! You deserve two cookies today.

Wrighty - said...

Oh I never said that! My youngest will probably write a tell all book someday about how neglected he was. But if you're offering two cookies, who am I to say no?? ; )

Aloha Monkey said...

I have 3 children, the oldest being almost 17 and the youngest being 5. Sadly, I've never finished any of their baby books either. I should probably get started on that project before the years go by and I have too much catching up to do. Thanks for the reminder.

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