What is the Internet?

This is the question I asked the young lady next door many years ago in the days before I had to be reminded I asked such a question. She tried to explain it to me back then but I just didn't understand.

She even showed me her fancy typewriter box with a screen that she pulled out of a backpack. I'm now "hip" enough to know it's called a laptop. See, the Old Lady Next Door can learn new tricks.

I've known the young lady next door since I stood on her doorstep with a homemade chicken casserole to welcome her family to the neighborhood. I rang the bell and when her mother peeled the curtain back to take a look at me, she was absolutely glowing.

She decided the Old Lady Next Door didn't look too threatening and opened the door. That is when I realized why she was glowing. Her tight house dress revealed that I was actually looking at two people.

The next time I saw the young lady next door's mother, she had my casserole dish tucked under one arm to return it and a beautiful baby girl in the other arm. I've watched the young lady next door grow from a tiny baby to a lovely young woman.

Along the way, I've taught her a song or two. She has graciously listened to too many of my stories about life when I'm sure she would rather be doing something else.

Now she is teaching me. This young lady is in college getting her degree in computer science. I don't exactly know what that means but she assures me she'll have a good career when she graduates.

You may think the Old Lady Next Door knows what she's doing but that is not the case. The young lady next door has written tutorial after tutorial to tell me how to publish pictures and type in a box before clicking on the publish button.

She's spent hours with me showing me how to check e-mails and follow online etiquette. The first lesson I learned was not to write in capital letters because that is seen as shouting. Well, I just love capital letters because my eyes are not what they used to be anymore. I do not want to shout at people so I'll be good.

I wanted to give up many times but the young lady next door told me that was not an option. She's spent her whole life hearing my silly stories and she thinks I need to share them with you.

So my dear young lady next door, you are one of my first stories. I do not know how you have been so patient with me but you are a peach for trying to make me look like I know what I'm doing.

I know all of you are computer experts by now and I am so new. I may be asking you to reach way back into your mind but I have a question for all of you.

How did you first learn about the Internet?

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