Tell a Veteran Thanks Today

Well, hello there. Today I've got coffee and tea for you on this Veteran's Day.

I just want to take a moment to thank all of our veterans for their commitment to this country. It must not be easy getting on a bus and saying goodbye to your family. I've had to kiss quite a few of my loved ones as they left in uniform.

My relatives have served in all of the wars and we've lost some of them along the way. I think those men and women must be the bravest people in the world.

Can you imagine being in another country in war time and praying every night that you will be able to return home safely? This is what our soldiers are going through daily.

I live in a military town and I see these handsome men and beautiful women in their uniforms almost every day. Many nights I see these families on the news hugging as one of them steps on a bus to leave for a tour of duty.

It breaks my heart to see stories of forgotten veterans. They are the reason we are able to be here together today. I'm writing this because of a stranger who is out there fighting for my freedom.

We are so lucky and yet we take the sacrifices that are made for us for granted. I get myself into a tizzy over silly little things and a story on an 18 year old boy who lost a leg in the war will bring me back down to earth very quickly.

Just when we think we have a problem, we realize in the grand scheme of things that they are just minor annoyances. The real problems are out there in the world. Now I'm not saying this is always the case because, goodness knows, I've dealt with my fair share of big problems. It's just easy to get wrapped up in things that are not that important, such as rude people, a flat tire or even a bad tasting cup of coffee when there are bigger things going on around us.

Just be sure to tell a veteran how much you appreciate them today or any day you see one. It doesn't matter if he's 90 years old or if you're talking to an 18 year old who has just enlisted. Every one of them has done so much for us.

2 Good Neighbors Sipped a Cup:

Wrighty - said...

Thank you for the reminder. We don't seem to appreciate our military people and their families enough. Actually, I think we do, we just don't show it enough. I think they do their job so well we often forget how much they sacrifice for us. I saw a story on the news over the weekend about a veteran and his family who live in a nearby city. He has served in the war and now he is facing terminal cancer. He, his wife and young children received a trip to Disney World and while they were away for the week the community joined together to give them an amazing surprise. They knew that he would find it more and more difficult to function in his two story home so they added a one story addition that included a master bedroom, bathroom and garage, all wheelchair accessible. They also built a new patio and a swingset/jungle gym for the kids. The family arrived at the airport to a huge welcoming party carrying balloons and American flags. An even larger group met them at the house to be there for the surprise. They were shocked and thrilled. It was so awesome! I wish we could do that more often even if it was on a smaller scale. I would like to send a giant thank you myself. Every day should be Veterans Day.

The Old Lady Next Door said...

What a wonderful comment. Thank you for sharing this story about the community to come together for the veteran near you. It brings a tear to my eye. It is so nice to see that people still care.

I agree that every day should be Veterans Day. Perhaps the world would be a better place if we celebrated veterans more because they really do make you stop and think about how lucky we all are.

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